WigWag™ - Fish Cat Toy
WigWag™ - Fish Cat Toy
WigWag™ - Fish Cat Toy
WigWag™ - Fish Cat Toy
WigWag™ - Fish Cat Toy
WigWag™ - Fish Cat Toy
WigWag™ - Fish Cat Toy
WigWag™ - Fish Cat Toy
WigWag™ - Fish Cat Toy
WigWag™ - Fish Cat Toy
WigWag™ - Fish Cat Toy

WigWag™ - Fish Cat Toy

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  Provide your cat an interactive experience!


Is your cat bored and has separation anxiety?

Separation anxiety is a dislike of solitude that is commonly seen in cat behavior.

 Signs of separation anxiety in cats may occur when the cat is separated from his owner or another companion pet with which he has a strong bond

Thankfully, there are things you can buy to minimize the anxiety your cat may begin to feel when you return to work or other activities outside the house.

Introducing the WigWag™

Its flapping tail action, which is activated by touch, will surely awaken the adrenaline in your cat.

It keeps your cat busy when you’re away. 



The floppy fish waves its tails when it is activated by tapping. Moves enough to get the cat’s attention then stops allowing your cat to make it prey. Substantial size is easy for cats to grab and kick, chew and lick. Keeps your cat busy playing with it.



The WigWag™ not only looks like a real fish, but it also acts like a real fish as well. It will flop when touched and stay still when left alone. 


Our WigWag™ is a great gift for pet owners due to its vivid appearance and hilarious flopping. Pets will love the fish and so will the pet owners. It will be great fun for both.


The plush cover and its mechanism are made only from safe non-toxic materials. No smelly padding or toxic plastics are used in the fish toy. We always put the safety of your pets and your family first.


electric fish toy

 A floppy fish cat toy with a built-in touch sensor. When your cat touches the toy, the toy will automatically waggle and make a sound, attracting your cat to play and kick.

How to Use

1. Put the motor into the fish belly, turn on the switch, and then slowly move the tail for operation the first time you use it. If it still doesn’t work, charge up for a while and try again;

2. The floppy fish cat toy will wag its tail when you turn on the switch, it will stop every 20 seconds until you touch or cat swipes;

3. The charger no more than 5V, mobile phone charger or USB connection is an ideal choice; red led on when charged, goes out when full charging; charging time no longer than 70 minutes;

4. Remove the motor and catnip bag from the fish belly before washing this fish.

 Package Included:

1 × Interactive fish cat toy
1 × USB cable
1 × Catnip pack

Purchasing Notice:

1. The motor is slightly loud in the toy when the fish flops on the floor. It would be quieter on carpet. (The sound can’t be turned off.)

2. Different strokes for different folks. Please note that not every cat will like this toy.

(Please be careful to buy if you mind the sound and have concerns that your cat won't like the toy.)


Can I give this to my dog, a toy poodle? if not, do you have a dog version?

- We wouldn't recommend this for a dog as they could puncture the battery with their teeth.

Is there a loud noise?

- When your cat touches and beats the cat kicker toy catnip, the tail of the fish toy will swing and make a mechanical sound, but this sound is not overwhelming, you can put it on the carpet to reduce the sound.

Where is the USB cable plugged into??

- Unzip the fish belly and then plug one end of the charging cable into the mechanism, then plug the other end into a mobile phone adapter or a portable charger.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Miss Brenda
My kitten loves this fish.

I wanted to wait a little while before I reviewed this item so as to have enough time to see how it would hold up. My 3month old kitten plays extremely rough with his toys and this one is no exception. He does his best to kill it by any means possible and it is still working. It has a decent amount of playtime between charges especially with the strain he puts on the wiggle mechanism in the tail. It is a little difficult to get the battery in and out of the fish, but overall it is well designed, very sturdy, and entertains the feline.

Cece B.
Fabulous! Life Changing Toy - for both of us!

Highly recommend to any dog or cat pet owner. Works great. Short charge time. Safe. Cute.
Bought this for my 3-month old kitty and it has been a god-send!
I am working from home and a kitty needs lots of attention. Some days I just can't stop work to play for a while. She gets bored and starts to act out. Bought this WigWag to see if it could be the distraction I needed for HER so I can meet MY deadlines.
It is perfect. She LOVES it! I use it periodically throughout the day after she has played with all her toys, played with me and toys when I take a break, and still needs more entertainment. Turn the fish on and she is happy for a good long time.
All this and GREAT customer service.

Cathy Coleman Ryan
Best Flopper

So I purchased several of these for my fur babies and this one is by far the best. They all have a "mechanical sound", although this one does seem a little quieter. They all operate the same way with a lever that fits in the fish and moves back and forth, making the fish flop when touched. This fish is a little thinner than the others and maybe that is why it seems to move more. It actually scoots across the floor when it flops. I spray mine with catnip spray to entice my cats to investigate. I have already washed it (in the washing machine -after removing the mechanical parts) and it came out looking brand new. IT charges back up fairly quickly and the mechanical parts are easy to remove with a zipper that gives access.

Nemo Flops LIke He Should

Watching my cat react to the fish for the first day was worth the price alone, but as a bonus, he's warmed up to it to the point of grappling and biting it. My cat is very assertive though, so most cats might take a while to get used to it, or might never adjust to it past swatting it and running away, but it's still pretty fun watching them try to interact with it. I usually need to charge the battery every 48 hours of heavy use. I also bought a second one to gift to someone with a very timid cat, and worst case their cat seems to really enjoy the toy with the motor off.

Jane ******
My cat LOVES this fish!!!

This is a great product, durable and life-like. My cat just loves it and carries it around like he just landed it himself. I really like that it stops swishing its tail and plays dead then once he touches it with his paw or pounces on it then it starts up again and even changes how fast the tale flops back and forth. I can't tell you how many videos I've taken and the laughs I've had watching him playing. It is easy and quick to charge with the included charging cable and charger. This is a MUST have cat toy!!!

Rob Lewis
Got for my cat.

She absolutely loves this fish. It works great and keeps her entertained for at least an hour a day. She’ll try to set it down and it starts flopping again which makes her pick it right back up. I have to take it from her and put it up out of reach so that I can charge it.

Mary Ann D.
Fun trout toy!!

My sister's little cat absolutely loved this toy. I would recommend this fish to everyone with a cat. They play for hours with it. She carries it around and bats at it when it moves. So fun to watch!!