WagStick™ - Natural Catnip Mint Sticks (Teeth Cleaner)
WagStick™ - Natural Catnip Mint Sticks (Teeth Cleaner)
WagStick™ - Natural Catnip Mint Sticks (Teeth Cleaner)
WagStick™ - Natural Catnip Mint Sticks (Teeth Cleaner)
WagStick™ - Natural Catnip Mint Sticks (Teeth Cleaner)
WagStick™ - Natural Catnip Mint Sticks (Teeth Cleaner)
WagStick™ - Natural Catnip Mint Sticks (Teeth Cleaner)

WagStick™ - Natural Catnip Mint Sticks (Teeth Cleaner)

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Improve Your Cat's Health Naturally 


Are you looking for a safe and natural way to keep your feline friend entertained and their teeth clean?

Are catnip stick safe to chew on?

Natural catnip is one of the favorites plants for cats can smell the unique fragrance, relax itself, relive stress, presented as excitement, rolling on the ground and other acts.

It is beneficial to the health of cat's hearts and lungs.

Most of the cats will be excited when they smell or lick the catnip dental sticks, make soft sound, or show similar status of estrus and act in pettish, closer to their owners.

WagStick™ freshens kitty’s breath and helps remove soft tartar from teeth! Filled with 100% sweet smelling mint to freshen breath as kitty chews

WagStick™ are one of the most unique all-natural and safe cat toys you can get for your fur baby or as a gift for another kitty. 

They are a wonderful alternative to catnip that combines both play and dental health.


All Natural - Natural wood sticks from the silvervine plant. Safe and healthy. With no additives or preservatives, it is safe for cats to play with, chew on and dissipate.

Anxiety Relief - WagStick™ will help your cat relax and reduce anxiety! When eaten, silver vine catnip acts as a sedative, but when smelled, it acts as a stimulant. Your cat will become very excited and show playful behavior. Useful for stressful or anxiety-inducing events such as moving house or going to the vet. Cat chew sticks are also great for helping cats adjust to their new environment.

Cat's Digestion and Oral Health - Silver rattan sticks protect your cat's gums. Eliminate fetishes and improve hygiene by effectively removing plaque and tartar. Oral health, promotes healthy chewing behavior and acts as a natural toothbrush. This helps distract them from chewing the wrong thing, making them a great cat treat.

Easy to Use - If the stick no longer has the same effect as it started, just rub some bark from the stick or remove the used layer to regain strength, which can re-engage your kit ty. A stick can be reused multiple times. Our data shows that cats do best with bites that are 4.7 inches long.

How It Works

Simply place the sticks in your cat's favorite spot and watch as they play and chew away. The sticks are designed to be engaging and entertaining for your cat, while also helping to keep their teeth clean.

And you do not have to worry about your cat getting too much, your cat is a great judge of when they’ve had enough, and will often just walk away after they have had their fun.


Kittens (less than 6 months old) and pregnant females might not react to WagStick™ 

Since it's a natural plant product, please store it in a ventilated and dry place, in a humid environment, to avoid the influence of moisture.


  • Ingredient: Catnip, Polygonum vulgaris, Gall Fruit, Edible Gum
  • Applicable groups: Cats (more than three months)
  • Outer box size: 14.5x6.5x1.5cm/5.71x2.56x0.59 inches 
  • Net content: 6 sticks/box
  • Shelf life: 24 months
  • Weight: 20g / 0.044 Ib 

Package Included:

6 Sticks/box Cat Mint Stick/Gall Fruit Molar Stick


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Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Jessi O
great value!

my cats (and puppy) love these! they last a long time and you get a lot!

My 2 cats love them

I open the bag they come running for them.

My cats love them

 My cat kept chewing on my dishwasher and this is a much better replacement lol he likes to chase it or chew on it.Just bought it so unsure how durable it is yet.

Wendie D.
Kitties love these!

Our fur babies LOVE LOVE LOVE these!! They are amazing for helping keep their little teeth clean and they make them so happy. Definitely buy these for your fur family!

Happy Kitties!

I purchased these in hopes to boost my cats energy and it worked! They are going nuts over these sticks, I would definitely purchase these again.

Kitty went cuckoo

Cat's loved them!

A lot for a little

 These totally work like catnip! If your cat doesn't care for catnip. Go ahead and try these. Mine did not care one bit for catnip but these have the same effect!