WagPump™ - Original Automatic Cat Drinking Water Fountain (Large)
WagPump™ - Original Automatic Cat Drinking Water Fountain (Large)
WagPump™ - Original Automatic Cat Drinking Water Fountain (Large)
WagPump™ - Original Automatic Cat Drinking Water Fountain (Large)
WagPump™ - Original Automatic Cat Drinking Water Fountain (Large)
WagPump™ - Original Automatic Cat Drinking Water Fountain (Large)
WagPump™ - Original Automatic Cat Drinking Water Fountain (Large)
WagPump™ - Original Automatic Cat Drinking Water Fountain (Large)
WagPump™ - Original Automatic Cat Drinking Water Fountain (Large)
WagPump™ - Original Automatic Cat Drinking Water Fountain (Large)

WagPump™ - Original Automatic Cat Drinking Water Fountain (Large)

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Keep Your Pets Hydrated With Fresh Flowing & Clean Water! 🌊


The Problem:

Still Water is the #1 Cause of Waterborne Diseases
Pets prefer to drink moving freshwater rather than still water found in their bowl. As many pets get their most water from the food they eat and they are often fed a diet of dry kibble - many pets are in a constant phase of dehydration.

Introducing Our New & Original WagPump™

Created by a team of Pet Veterinarians

It was created to ensure our loving pets get plenty of water and avoid dehydration. Made from Eco-Friendly materials that ensure your pet stays healthy and enjoys fresh-tasting water. 

Due to our busy lives, sometimes we forget to place fresh drinking water for our pets, so we developed the Wagpump™ to keep our pets hydrated with clean filtered water effortlessly.

Perfect for fur-parents who go out for work and leave their pets at home!

Purfect for your Furry Friend!


  • Pet-Friendly Technology - Safe, quiet, & easy to use 
  • Can be placed anywhere around the house for easy hydration
  • 5-layer non-toxic charcoal filter to keep your pet healthy and strong
  • Set it & Forget itHalf Gallon (2.4L) Water Capacity which on average last 1 week
  • The peaceful & silent waterfall helps destress & attracts your pet to drink more water.
  • Energy Efficient - Uses USB for lower energy consumption to save money
  • Perfect for cats or dogs 🐈 🐕


⭐️ Rated #1 Pet Drinking Fountain by Pet Lovers Magazine

How WagPump™ Works

The WagPump™ has an ultra-silent motor that keeps the water fresh through its longlasting replaceable filter and creates a sense of healthy relaxation for pets.
With its 5-layer cleaning system, it can filter hair, odor, and chlorine. Charcoal filters help remove odors and bad taste

Package Includes: 
  • 1 WagPump™
  • 1 Filter
  • 1 USB Plug


Will it work for any size pet?
- Yes it works for all breeds and size pets
How frequently should I change the filters?
- Every 3-4 weeks
Is the fountain battery operated?
- No we made it USB Compatible so it will never run out of power
How loud is it?
- The motor is super silent to the human ear


 Best Pet fountain on the Market 
Best Investment for Pet Lovers!
✓ Risk-FREE - 30 Days Guarantee + It's FREE Shipping
 Effective for Keeping Your Pet Hydrated and Healthy
 Live Stress-FREE Knowing Your Pet's Health is in Good Hands
🐶 Order Now & Avoid Dehydration! 🐈 


Scroll Up and Click 'Buy Now' to try the WagPump™ today like thousands of pet owners have already, and finally be able to have that peace of mind for your pet! 

BEWARE of Imitation of WagPump™*


UPDATE: Due to the huge increase in social media attention and COVID-19, we're running extremely low on these, and delivery times might take 5-15 days, so hurry and Buy Now before it's all gone

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Tina L.
Great purchase!

Perfect for our airstream traveling with 2 Main Coon kittens. They love it. They started drinking right away. It’s very important to encourage them to drink more water. Especially because they only eat dry food. It is very quiet. Love the stainless bowl and light indicator. Great purchase.

Zoe Landers
Looks really cool at night.

Love this fountain! I have a blind cat that loves the sound of water. She sits by this fountain for hours. It's very soothing to her. Plus, the blue light looks really cool at night. Would definitely purchase again.

Exactly what I needed and I love it!

Me and my kitty love this fountain! I didn’t like giving her unfiltered water so I upgraded to this and recommend it it to all my friends that have cats! I find the water sounds relaxing and it’s not too loud. She likes drinking from the bottom, the sides and the top so I took out the yellow center piece so she has direct access to the water flow. And the light on it is cool looking so that’s a bonus for us pet parents!

Joe R.
Highly recommend.

So even though my cats had a gravity water bowl, they still felt the need to jump on top of our 20gal aquarium and drink the water out of the filter. My wife bought this in hopes that they would stop drinking the fish water and it worked! They love drinking out of this. Great value for your money as well.

Sam L.
Compact, good amount of water and stays clean!

I love this water machine! My four cats and one small dog took to it immediately! It’s compact and stores plenty of water. It keeps the water clean and accessible as well, which is great for dogs. It’s super easy to clean and maintain! The water pours out well from the top and it sounds nice to me as it’s relaxing. There’s a nice blue light too. I’m really happy and recommend this product!

Renee S.
What's Most Important to Know? It is AWESOME!

Two of my cats love to drink out of the faucet in my bathroom...and I've had a small water fountain before, but found this one and thought it would be better for my now 4 cats...It was so easy to put together, love the blue light and where I can see how much water is in it...it works perfectly, is very quiet...can't even hear it...and the minute I put it down for my kiddos, they all went right to it. I thought there would be some splashing of water on the floor, but no, no worries there...I am using filtered water to start with and will add accordingly...one thing about the small one I had, it had mineral deposits on it, that I really couldn't get off. This one is supposed to be easier to take care of, and remove the deposits, but I thought if I used filtered water from the get go, I could most likely get by using one filter a month...will see about that...but the stainless steel feature is a real PLUS too...

K Miller
Amazing Little Fountain!

After trolling numerous fountains and reviews, I finally got this little guy! 2/3 housecats love this thing, especially the cat who has had crystal issues and really needs more water in his diet. Since putting this in use I have experienced zero frantic runnings into the bathroom for sink water, I am so impressed! What I love the most with this fountain is the flower- it doesn't sit too low in the dish. The water flows a bit higher than others I have seen, which seems to work for my larger, pickier, gentleman cat. Super easy to clean and put together, and the volume is so low I forget it's even there! Worth the $$ so far!