WagPoo™ - Biodegradable & Leak-Proof Dog Poop Bags Bulk* (Universal Fit)
WagPoo™ - Biodegradable & Leak-Proof Dog Poop Bags Bulk* (Universal Fit)
WagPoo™ - Biodegradable & Leak-Proof Dog Poop Bags Bulk* (Universal Fit)
WagPoo™ - Biodegradable & Leak-Proof Dog Poop Bags Bulk* (Universal Fit)
WagPoo™ - Biodegradable & Leak-Proof Dog Poop Bags Bulk* (Universal Fit)
WagPoo™ - Biodegradable & Leak-Proof Dog Poop Bags Bulk* (Universal Fit)
WagPoo™ - Biodegradable & Leak-Proof Dog Poop Bags Bulk* (Universal Fit)
WagPoo™ - Biodegradable & Leak-Proof Dog Poop Bags Bulk* (Universal Fit)

WagPoo™ - Biodegradable & Leak-Proof Dog Poop Bags Bulk* (Universal Fit)

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Make cleaning up a simple task.

The problem?

Let's be honest, no one likes the smell of poop. It can be tempting to skip this task, but doing so is not only bad for the environment and public health — in many places, it's also illegal

Also, as a conscious consumer, you would like to reduce your dog's environmental paw print, but there are many choices. Plain plastic is not an option, so which bag is the best?

Introducing WagPoo™

Designed to open quickly & easily!

On top of that, they're fully compostable and will break down to carbon dioxide and water in just 6 months leaving no harmful residue in the environment compared to years or never with other bags. 

Main Features:

🐾 Biodegradable

WagPoo™ is made of high-quality, vegetable-based ingredients, and the earth-friendly and non-normal plastic material can be broken down in nature. WagPoo™ bags aim to reduce plastic pollution to the environment.

🐾 Leak-proof & Thickening Surface

WagPoo™ are bigger, thicker, tougher, and totally leak-proof, keeping contents and odor inside. Great for all types of poo!

🐾 Tear-Resistant

WagPoo™ is super durable and will not leak, break or tear. Made to withstand the toughest of duties, they are soft to the touch and don't stick to each other, making them easy to open and they’re scent-free.

🐾 Easy To Tear Off With Breakpoint Design

🐾 Wide Range of Usage

Odor control fresh-scented puppy poo bags for all sizes of dogs, dog bags for poop also can be used for baby dirty diapers, food scraps, or cat litter.

🐾 Super Value Package

540 counts poop bags 27 refill rolls supply up to 6 months (3 doggie poop bags per day usage)-- include 1 reusable standard dog poop bag dispenser & leash clip.

Perfect for picking up after your furry friends, from pocket poodles to big sheepdogs and every breed in between.

33cm/13in bags are roomy enough to use with large dogs

Our dog bags for poop lock in the odor for good to protect your sniffer and greatly helps the environment too.


 Best Value Biodegradable Poop Bags
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✓ Live Stress-FREE Knowing Your Pet's Health is in Good Hands
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Does this product come with a dispenser?
- Yes, this product is 540 poop bags including 1 portable dispenser that can clip onto your dog's collar or harness.
Big enough for large breeds?
- Yes. Usually 13.5*9” is big enough for large-size dogs.
Can I use these for dirty baby diapers?
- Yes, these poop bags can also be used for dirty diapers. Plenty of space and the smell is fine to cover poopy diapers.
How long will the 540 poo bags last?
Well, it depends on how many bags you use each day. If you use 2 dog trash bags per day, then 540 will be 9 months' supply.



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BEWARE of Imitation Devices* 
(They are less effective and can cause harm to your pets)
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UPDATE: Due to the huge increase in social media attention and COVID 19, we're running low on these, so hurry or you will have to wait 8+ days for us to manufacture them and then ship
Delivery times might take 5-14 business days due to COVID19, Shipped From USA*
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
J. Kim
Hands free and loving it.

Tired of losing bags and carrying the full ones? So was I. Then we bought this little gem. Perfect? No, but affordable and holds the empties and the full bags leaving me hands free. Just ordered another for the other dog's leash. Win-win.

(Not having the issues some others noted getting empties out of the container).

Sammy P.
They pick up poop!!

Months ago, I spent probably longer than a normal person would be researching poop bags on the Internet. I ended up ordering the WagPoo bags based on reviews and was not disappointed. I have now repurchased multiple times, and am glad they have a larger box.

They are well-made, thick material. I’ve never had one rip on me. Large enough to fit large dog poops.

Theresa Baran
Perfect for Imperfect Poops

These are great bags! Sturdy, durable and holds a substantial quantity. Although they feel thin, they are remarkably strong. I haven’t had a bag tear or break on me - I used an entire roll before writing this review. My dog had “stomach” issues- I did not have to double the bags to deal with after effects. If feeling the fresh warmth of a newly offered gift bothers your tactile sensibilities- these are not for you- my only suggestion would be the “free” bag holder. It doesn’t have a hook to attach the used poop bag for the rest of the walk, requiring you to hold on to the poop bag until it’s proper disposal. It has bothered me a great deal that many poop bags are not biodegradable.

M. Ali
Great idea!

Works how it needs to work. Quality is great and good for the environment.

Jenna D.
Love it.

Thank you, do your bit for the environment and order these biodegradable poop bags. Photo shows the size relative to my hand and how transparent the bags are.