WagFountain Pro™ - Filtered Pet Water Fountain for Cats/Dogs (Human Grade)
WagFountain Pro™ - Filtered Pet Water Fountain for Cats/Dogs (Human Grade)
WagFountain Pro™ - Filtered Pet Water Fountain for Cats/Dogs (Human Grade)
WagFountain Pro™ - Filtered Pet Water Fountain for Cats/Dogs (Human Grade)
WagFountain Pro™ - Filtered Pet Water Fountain for Cats/Dogs (Human Grade)
WagFountain Pro™ - Filtered Pet Water Fountain for Cats/Dogs (Human Grade)
WagFountain Pro™ - Filtered Pet Water Fountain for Cats/Dogs (Human Grade)

WagFountain Pro™ - Filtered Pet Water Fountain for Cats/Dogs (Human Grade)

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Your Pet Deserves The Best With Every Sip.


We’ve all heard the phrase ‘the dog days of summer’, and the hottest time of year is when dogs and cats risk becoming dehydrated, so the cool water will coax them to keep topped up.

Just like you, it's important for your pets to be well hydrated

Did you know a pet fountain can keep the water 1-2 degrees than a traditional water bowl?
Meet our next-gen solution to musty water containers and fountains
WagFountain Pro™ 

WagFountain Pro™ self-cleaning water fountain features our proprietary ultrafiltration technology to get rid of unwanted containments.

The WagFountain Pro™ is proven, by the testing institution, to remove 99.99% of impurities in the water. So the water stays fresh and clean for your pet's everyday hydration routine.

The nature-inspired design that unleashes pets' primal drinking instinct makes WagFountain Pro™  irresistible for pets.

Human Grade Purification

WagFountain Pro™is perfect for cats and small dogs to keep your pet hydrated, active, healthy and safe. The water is fully clean with human-grade purification technology so you don't have to worry for dirty water in your pets bowl.

Ultra Purification Technology

WagFountain Pro™ ensures water stays fresh and tasty thanks to our patented ultra-filtration technology. This filter removes impurities, which means zero health risks for your four-legged friend and absolutely no hassle for you.

Runs Ultra Quietly

WagFountain Pro™ runs on less than 35 dB which is ultra-quiet and you will hardly notice the noise. The secret is the premium silent pump and the specially designed receiving ramp that significantly reduces noises.

User Friendly

The waterfall-and-pool design unlocks pets primal instinct and entices hem to drink more. Assemble the fountain in seconds and you are ready to go. The water fountain has 85 oz capacity with minimal maintenance and super easy to clean.

Goodbye Tip-Overs

Naughty kitty cat won't stop knocking over things? Worry no more! The fountain's pawsome cubical shape is particularly stable. The non-slip silicone pads on the bottom add extra safety.

Enjoy a tidier home without ever worrying about tip-overs.

Unique Ultra-filtration Filter (Easy to Clean)

Unlike traditional non-woven filters with a short lifespan of merely 15 days, our ultra-filtration lasts up to 90 days. You only need to change the filter every season, which is less costly and less hassle. The date wheel on the filter comes in handy to remind you when to replace it.
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How It Works

First, the stainless steel filter catches hair and debris. What makes it special is that the stainless steel filter can be detached on demand, even when the fountain is still on.

Second, the foam filter prevents residue buildup in the water. Last but not least, the exclusive ultrafiltration filter works its magic, removing any harmful contaminants larger than 0.01 microns.

When it emerges at the tip of your pet's tongue, it contains none of the harmful contaminants and only the good nutrients.


Up to 85 Oz (Large) Capacity

cat water fountain

Package Includes:

1* WagFountain Pro™ 

(Filters sold separately)


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Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews

This is the best cat fountain I’ve ever used. One of my cat insists on only dipping her paws to drink water so the metal filter catches all the hair and litter that gets stuck in her paw pads. This used to be such a problem that the other fountains I’ve had would clog and stop working until you cleared the filter.This fountain is quiet, sleek looking, and the clear bowl helps me know when to refill the water. My cats have also not been able to tip this one over which is a big plus.

Stacy Rect
Good purchase for my sick cat.

 I have an elderly cat that has medical difficulties, so this fountain's ability to encourage him to drink was a huge advantage. I previously purchased another model (which failed after couple months), but this one is far superior: the filtration system is simple to clean, replacement filters are readily available, and the water is kept fresh and clean. Because I have three pets who drink from this fountain, keeping it filled is the main disadvantage of having it running, so I put a water bottle next to it to keep it topped up. In the summer, when the humidity is higher, it lasts longer. Also, this ran dry by accident once, but I simply refilled it and it was fine.


 My cats love it! I went through 10 different water fountains for them. This one out of all of them I’m glad they like it because it make sure it’s clean for them by having has a filter. You only change the filter every three months and if you want to take out and change the water or just clean out the bowl every month you can but when you do it’s not as dirty as the other fountains that they’ve had this is by far the cleanest bowl I’ve ever seen it’s easy to clean out and very easy to put together I still cannot get over how quiet it is I think that’s another reason why my cats like it because it’s not noisy it doesn’t affect them and it taste so good! I have noticed that every time I come home or every time I turn the corner I see them drinking out of it and it just amazes me it makes me so happy they’re not dehydrated they love their water and there’s a little steel Filter that also catches any of their hair from going inside the bowl it’s pretty cool totally worth the money not even that expensive you get what you get for the money and I definitely am happy with what I got and so are they 🥰🥰🎉🎉

clean machine for our picky pepper

 This fountain is a must if you have a cat like ours that will drink unless the water has a dripping fountain. We have tried just stainless steel bowls that required refilling but any signs of bugs or food debris and the cat says hard pass by avoiding it!

Patricia C.
Super Quiet!

The description did not use the “super quiet” as a major selling point, but it is surprisingly quiet. My cats and dog and I love it. ❤️

Lauren Van V
Kitties love it!!

I was hesitant to buy another cat fountain after the last one we had. I won’t get into that story but it ended up being no good after 3 months and I paid a lot for it. But I am SO GLAD I bought this one. My cats love it so much! They can’t get enough of it. It’s very quiet and isn’t huge and bulky. It’s easy to assemble and fits in well here. It came with an extra filter and each one lasts 3 months. So we’re good for a while. I am a happy customer indeed!

Sylvia R.
As advertised

We thought our old water fountain was quiet but this surely has all other brands running for their money! We're surprised at how quiet it is, and our cats quickly took to it. Finally a product designed with care and passion for the fur babies. If you're looking for a sleek, simplistic design that's easy to clean and maintain: look no further. The filter cartridge being on the outside makes for an easy switch too. Will keep an eye out for what other pet products this brand will come up with because this definitely went above our expectations.