WagDiaper™ - Washable Diapers for Dogs & Cats (Heat)
WagDiaper™ - Washable Diapers for Dogs & Cats (Heat)
WagDiaper™ - Washable Diapers for Dogs & Cats (Heat)
WagDiaper™ - Washable Diapers for Dogs & Cats (Heat)
WagDiaper™ - Washable Diapers for Dogs & Cats (Heat)
WagDiaper™ - Washable Diapers for Dogs & Cats (Heat)
WagDiaper™ - Washable Diapers for Dogs & Cats (Heat)

WagDiaper™ - Washable Diapers for Dogs & Cats (Heat)

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Happy House, Happy Pet

Tired of conventional diapers leaking everywhere? 

Prevent unfortunate accidents on floors, rugs, upholstery, and cars.

 If your fur-baby is in heat, urinates when excited, has fecal or urinary incontinence, needs surgical wounds protected, has UTI Issues, paralysis, has accidents when traveling, needs help preventing pregnancy, is house training, or is in postpartum our dog diapers have got you covered.

 The switch to reusable stuff was long overdue with WagDiaper™ 
 WagDiaper™are versatile and designed with your pets in mind.

Whether your furry loved one is a young puppy who isn't fully house-trained, an older dog suffering from occasional incontinence, or a female dog in heat, these dog diapers are the solution.

Made of breathable, soft and good permeability mesh fabric close to the skin to prevent leaks and spills. if you want to enhance the effect of urine absorption, just add an absorbent pad or sanitary napkin.

WagDiaper™ has elastic edges and a tail hole that will provide extra snugness and is secure, more easier for your dogs to accept, relax and enjoy.

The elastic belly band with long Magic Tapes fastens the strip to adjust the right size that fits your dog best. Enough strong and durable so that your dogs will not easily struggle out of it.

Heavy-duty, super-absorbent, and ideal for urinary incontinence, excitable urination, female dogs in heat, housebreaking training, and physiological period.
WagDiaper™ is made of superior quality fabric which allows hand or machine washing, and air drying! More economic, and useful than disposable diapers.


  • No softeners, perfumes or powder with zeolite to better absorption.
  • Washed in regular time with cleanser. Wash under 30 Centigrade (Less than 86 Fahrenheit).
  • Fasten the hook & loop so as not to stick to other items and make the hook & loop more sticky.
  • Then air dry or put them in the dryer for a short time, tumble dry low.
ECO-FRIENDLY: Unlike disposable diapers, WagDiaper™ is safe and non-toxic.

Just like human babies, we suggest you change and wash dog diapers as often as possible.

WagDiaper™ needs to be changed at least every 3-4 hours. If your pup is full out urinating in the diaper, it will need to be changed more often than spotting or minor leakage.

If the WagDiaper™is left on full for a long time it may result in leakage and unwanted wetness.


Style A Material: Polyester+Terry cloth + TPU

Size Guide:


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UPDATE: Due to the huge increase in social media attention and COVID-19, we're running low on these, so hurry or you will have to wait 8+ days for us to manufacture them and then ship

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jon Travis
Very effective in helping with bladder leakage

This product is very effective and helpful for bladder leaks. Easy to clean, attractive, and durable so far.

Tiara Chanel
My dog loves these!

My doggy loves these! She usually doesn’t let me put clothes, diapers, or other dog accessories on her but she consistently lets me put these on her during her heat cycle. I could tell she was super comfortable with them and barely noticed they were there until it was time to change it.

A. Raven
Old girl’s Fancy Pants

My old girl had some accidents and we needed a little more protection for the carpets. These do a pretty good job, though they did leak a bit due to sheer volume of a giant breed (Komondor). We like the fun designs too 🥰. We purchased two packs for a rotation.

Easy to clean, they handle the washing machine well.

Jessie O'Hara
Love it!

Just came in today, and it fits perfectly! I sure want one or two more. !!

V. Ella
Very useful

Perfect fit for my Podenco crossbreed! Thank you Winkflo.