WagBalm™ - Organic Paw Balm (Heals and Protect)
WagBalm™ - Organic Paw Balm (Heals and Protect)
WagBalm™ - Organic Paw Balm (Heals and Protect)
WagBalm™ - Organic Paw Balm (Heals and Protect)
WagBalm™ - Organic Paw Balm (Heals and Protect)

WagBalm™ - Organic Paw Balm (Heals and Protect)

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Protect Paws The Natural Way


Is your pet suffering from dry and cracked paws?

Daily wear and tear is a common cause of paw injuries
Seasonal allergens, environmental conditions, and allergic reactions can also cause dry and cracked paws.

Treat your dog's paws to an all-natural paw balm made with a lot of care and love.

Introducing the WagBalm™

Specially formulated to heal rough, dry, chapped paw pads. They are carefully blended with pure essential oils, to give the dog the best benefits we can naturally


  • 100% Organic Formula: ingredients like organic olive oil, sunflower oil, calendula, propolis, lemon peel oil, and beeswax.
  • Fast Healing: quick antiseptic, antibacterial, and restorative capabilities. It accelerates the rate of cell growth and supports collagen production
  • Safely & Edible: organic ingredients pet can were WagBalm and lick their paws without any harm or worry.
  • Water-Resistant: locks hydrants within the paw skin and creates a surface barrier to protect against harsh weather and bacteria.
  • All Ages: Suitable for adult dogs and puppies. 

Recommended by Veterinarians to heal cracked paws and keeping the paw skin protected, moist and healthy.

    Active Ingredients: Sunflower Seed Oil, Coconut Oil, White Beeswax, Vegetable 
    Oil, Shea Butter, Carnauba Wax, Candle Wax, Vitamin E, and Aloe

    Application Tips: Recommended application at night, when the dog is sleeping or about to sleep.

    Storage: Store at room temperature avoiding extreme cold or extreme heat. Avoid humidity and direct sunlight. Close after use. Use within 1 year after opening.


    Will, it hurt my dog if he licks his paws after using this?

    Not at all. It is made of ingredients that are natural and organic. 

    Does this protect them from cold weather?

    - Yes, It will help with the cold and rough cracks on paws.

    Will this work for cat paws too?

    Yes, our paw balm works on cats also.

    Is it slippery when applied? 

    No, it is not slippery at all. The product is dense but is absorbed immediately.

    Warning: This is for superficial paw cracks. It is not for cuts. In the case of cracks deep enough to see flesh, blood or secretions, please consult with a veterinarian asap.


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    Mackayla Baxter

    I absolutely LOVE this product! It absorbs into my girl’s paws instantly! Plus, a little snack to lick 😂 LOL. The picture explains itself! Wow!! I know she is feeling much better after the little cracks on her feet. Now they are completely gone. Her feet are soft. GREAT BUY! Especially since it’s Vets Preferred. 👍🏼

    Susan Gutierrez
    Its good

    I bought this for my little Yorkie. We live in new york city so we are always walking on concrete. I put this on him so the hot concrete or anything else won't damage his little paws. I out both this product and the paw soother. They both work great together. The paw soother works best. I recommend buying if your little fur baby is having cracked paws. It's also vegan and has no harsh chemicals which I live for him too.

    Dog lover recommended

    My pup gets dry, rough and occasionally cracked paws. He’s constantly licking and itching as much as we tried baths and even vet prescribed ointment it didn’t work. Until I purchased natural dog company Winkflo Wagbalm!!! I use b4 we go for walks and b4 bed so he won’t lick!! And I swear by it!!! I saw results in 3 days!! His paws felt and looked moisturized/smooth!! Also helped with hyper-ketosis and allergy! If you love your dog buy it!!!!!

    Berry D****
    Love it

    I really like the outcome of this product. I used to buy natural dog balm from another company but my dog's paws would be super dry again in no time. I used this product one time and her paws look so much better in just one use. Never going back to the other paw oils. This one also comes with so much more and it’s more affordable!

    Vickie S
    Five Stars

    This stuff is amazing does its job. Will definitely be buying more in the future.

    Mara Peterson
    Its awesome!!

    I use to live in upper Michigan and used WagBalm regularly for my dogs. I bought some a while back though I live in Louisiana now because it blocks the ice and heat well. It also blocks salt from the dog pads. Love this stuff. Recently went to Washington to visit my sister and it was icy it helped Charlie with his tiny paws. My mom just got a new puppy recently and she lives in Germany. She got a little pug. She was really concerned about her paws getting hurt from the snow, ice and salt. I bought her this product to put in her package as part of her new puppy gifts. This product really works. Just rub a bit into the paws. Wash it off when you get home if need be. I totally recommend this product and have been using it forever. Most dogs don't like wearing boots and this is the way to go. I had a lot of sled dog friends in Michigan and they are the once that got me to try it. I am glad they did.

    Juni Roberts
    Secret EVERY Dog Owner Needs

    I'm a very new dog owner of a beautiful Australian Shepard, and I was a little worried when I noticed his paws were very rough. I took action and starting doing some research and it's common in dogs of all sizes however not something to let be. Paws are so essential to dogs just as our feet are to us, so I'm very pleased with this product. It was SUPER easy to apply, 0 scent, and my dog loves when it's time to apply... (I think he knows that means we're going outside)