WagBall™ - Dental Chew Toy
WagBall™ - Dental Chew Toy
WagBall™ - Dental Chew Toy
WagBall™ - Dental Chew Toy
WagBall™ - Dental Chew Toy
WagBall™ - Dental Chew Toy
WagBall™ - Dental Chew Toy
WagBall™ - Dental Chew Toy
WagBall™ - Dental Chew Toy

WagBall™ - Dental Chew Toy

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When was the Last time you checked your dog's teeth?...

4 out of 5 dogs suffer from oral disease by the age of 3! 🐶🐶🐶🐶-🐶
...which unfortunately impacts our pup's quality of life if not treated 


Imagine not having to physically brush your best friend's (dog's) every single day...

Introducing the WagBall™

It's the Original one of a kind dog toothbrush - Designed by Elite Veterinarians, it was created to keep our loving dogs occupied and healthy as well.

We know dog dental problems can be tough and expensive to fix, the good thing is we can now avoid them, with the WagBall™!


  • Effectively Cleans Teeth - 2 sided bristle line grooves keep their teeth strong and conducive to massage the gums.
  • Promotes Physical & Mental Health - By figuring out how to get to the treats, their brains are stimulated while intensely chewing/playing with the ball. 
  • Non-toxic material - The product is made of ultra-tough rubber, with good elasticity, bite resistance, non-toxic, non-abrasion, and can be safely used for grinding and cleaning your dog's teeth.
  • Eliminates Boredom - Our ball grabs the attention of your dog for long periods of time, as they are determined to get all the treats!
  • WagBall™ guarantees to alleviate dental doggy problems so you can live stress-free about your pup's well-being.

Dogs love chewing stuff. Why not make use of it and give them to keep on gnawing, while making their teeth clean at the same time.

Perfect for the Power Chewer in your Family!

      How to Use

      Simply fill with kibble or treats. You can also encourage chewing by putting a small amount of peanut butter or cream cheese inside the toy.


        What material this is made of?

        These tough durable dog balls are made of Non-Toxic natural rubber material: more durable, healthy, and puncture-resistant compared with PVC and TPR.

        Can I put treats inside the ball?

        - Certainly. You can put any food or treats inside the ball.

        Can this serve as a toothbrush?

        - Yes. It effectively helps clean the teeth, massage gums and tongue, reducing dental plaque and tartar breeding, thus preventing a variety of oral diseases Exercises the teeth and the little nubbins on the bone help clean the teeth of plaque.

        WHY IS WagBall™ - Dental Chew Toy THE BEST CHOICE?

        ✓ Best Dental Chew Toy (More Safe and Effective compared to others)
        ✓ Best Investment for you!
          Rated 5 Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
         Risk-FREE - More Affordable + It's FREE Shipping
        ✓ Effective for cleaning dog's teeth while having fun.
        ✓ Live Stress-FREE 
        ✔️ Order Now & Stop Poor Doggy Dental Health! ✔️

        ONLY for the First 200 Customers Only (Limited Time)
        There is a 10 item limit per customer*
        After, the rate will be reset to its original price.


        Scroll Up and Click 'Buy Now' to try the WagBall™ today like thousands of people have already, and finally be able to play and have fun with your pets.
        BEWARE of Imitation Devices*
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        UPDATE: Due to the huge increase in social media attention and COVID-19, we're running extremely low on these, and delivery times might take 5-15 daysso hurry and Buy Now before it's all gone.  

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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 10 reviews
        Driscoll C.
        Set of dog ball toys

        These 5 dog toy balls arrived right away. When we unpacked I put it in the sink to wash the rubber smell away. I do this will all toys.
        Our 13 week old, 6 lb puppy LOVES them. They are really well made and durable. The soccer ball is his favorite with the squeaky. And the blue teeth one he loves to get his treats (food) out of.
        Even though he’s a pup he can still play with all of them and will definitely be able to use for years to come. Would definitely recommend it.

        Dane J.
        Great dog toys especially for medium sized dogs

        My mini golden doodle really loves these toys. The squeaker in them is not loud and annoying but tolerable. The treat balls are very good as well and hold the treats well. It seems like they are of good quality which is good because my dog goes through balls quickly.

        Ross D.
        Fun for all dogs

        This is a great set of 5 balls for your dog. Each ball is different, so there's sure to be one your dog will love! The red one is solid rubber, great for playing catch outside. The orange & dark blue have different textures & each has a squeaker. The light blue has ridges & bumps to act like a toothbrush, you can also put small treats in it too. The green ball is super fun for the dogs. It is a treat, puzzle type ball. You put small treats in it and your dog has to roll it different ways for the treats to dispense. My dogs love this one. This set will give your dog hours of fun.

        Jasmin Hogan
        Dogs Love these puzzle balls!!

        My 3 dogs LOVE these puzzle balls!! They are all very durable & heavy weighted rubber that even my Rottweiler who is a power chewer can enjoy without them falling apart! The toys that you can hide food or treats in are the biggest hit, and they can keep the dogs occupied and entertained for long periods of time. The next fave is followed by the squeaker balls and the nubby ball is a favorite for my teething pug puppies. I would recommend these for any dog and for multiple dog households like mine, so happy it came with 5 balls so they can all enjoy them and not fight!

        Leo M.
        Nice variety of balls - including 2 treat balls

        This is a nice variety of sturdy balls.

        The two treat balls are a great way to slow down my dogs’ eating - more effective than the slow bowl. The ball with ‘teeth’ to hold the treats is super challenging. The other one the treats gradually fall out as he plays with it.
        This is a great way to keep him occupied and happy while WE eat.

        The red ball is very firm with no squeaker.

        The blue ball has lots of nubbies to massage the gums and a quieter squeak.

        The orange ball has less aggressive nubbies. The squeaker tore away from the ball partially, so we removed it, but it should still be satisfying to play with.

        Considering how expensive treat balls can be, I think this is a very good buy.

        Janice B.
        fur baby approved!

        My buddy loves these balls! He has 4 now and he hasn't destroyed any of them so far and he's had them for 3 months now! That's the longest any balls have last him so far! It really sounds like they are brushing his teeth also.

        Sharon D.
        Aussie approved

        My 8-month-old Aussie really, really likes these balls. Especially because they bounce well. I put some peanut butter in one and it kept him busy for a while. I just got them, so can’t say yet if they could be chewed up.