WagBag™ - Comfy Dog/Cat Carrier Backpack
WagBag™ - Comfy Dog/Cat Carrier Backpack
WagBag™ - Comfy Dog/Cat Carrier Backpack
WagBag™ - Comfy Dog/Cat Carrier Backpack
WagBag™ - Comfy Dog/Cat Carrier Backpack
WagBag™ - Comfy Dog/Cat Carrier Backpack
WagBag™ - Comfy Dog/Cat Carrier Backpack
WagBag™ - Comfy Dog/Cat Carrier Backpack
WagBag™ - Comfy Dog/Cat Carrier Backpack

WagBag™ - Comfy Dog/Cat Carrier Backpack

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No Dog Deserves to Feel Anxious & Limited by Age or Mobility


No one likes leaving their pets behind!

It's probably the Best outdoor equipment you can have for your furry baby.

Designed by a team of Pet Lovers and Outdoor EnthusiastMade from high-grade fabric that makes your pet super comfortable

It was created to bring our loving pets with us with safety and comfort in mind

Introducing Our New & Original WagBag™!

Unlike other pet carrier bags, we developed a thick interior bottom pad, along with extremely breathable fabric so that your pet stays cool and comfy.

We also designed double-sided pockets that allow you to store treats & toys!

Purfect for your Furry Friend!


🐾 Helps Dogs with Separation Anxiety
🐾 Safe, secure, & made from breathable mesh
🐾 Fits most sizes & breeds
🐾 Protects pet paws from hot cement!
🐾 Comfortable for Humans & Pets
⭐️ Rated #1 Pet Backpack by Pet Lovers Magazine

WagBag™ guarantees to remove the stress caused by separation anxiety so you and your dog can enjoy being together.

Happy Customers



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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Jessie W
My older dog adores this

I bought the Wagbad right before social distancing started in March. Thank God because my only relief from quarantine was my daily dog walks. My dog loves a good jaunt around the neighborhood, but now that she's thirteen she really can't handle anything more than a ten-minute walk. Enter this backpack. The first time we tried it out, I took her for a five-mile walk and she all but fell asleep. I prefer to carry the dog on my front as pictured and my dog prefers it too- she can see what I see and look back at me to give me her cute, lovey stare. This backpack has so many ways to adjust it for your comfort, lots of pockets for storing a phone, leash, and treats, and is good and sturdy. My dog is about 11 pounds most days and has plenty of room to stretch out in here.

Jackie S
Bought the LAST Pink one :)

I just received the backpack carrier. I got the pink, it looks as advertised, loves the color! My mini poodle is about 12.5 lbs, close to 17 inches head to the nub, and stands about 12 inches high. I got the Large, and happy I did not get the Extra Large. She would have had issues seeing out the hole. With the top open or closed she seems to be confident while I'm moving. She is my support animal, so she's used to going everwhere with me, and being snug up to me. I'm just under 5'5", and the large takes up most of my torso with her in it

Stacy sim
Awesome carrier

Beautifully made. My dog loves it and so do I. This is so well made. I was very impressed. It is solid with my dog in it and very comfortable for me. It has pockets for extras and treats. I could not ask for a better product. If you are looking for a carrier this is the one to buy.

Dana Cohen
Perfect Fit for both of us!

Perfect fit for my 5 lb. short-haired Chihuahua! The bottom support is stable so she can comfortably sit and the pockets allow me to walk with nothing in my hands - perfect storage for a phone, water bottle and leash. The backpack fits comfortably on me as well (5', 110 lbs.)

Lara K.
Comfy and safe

Great backpack for the price. My pup is 8 lbs and has lots of room to grow into. She is comfy on our daily trips to the barn. Love having airflow so she doesn't get too hot.

Gina S.
Great carrier for both pet and owner

This carrier was perfect, it fit her and me well, the waist strap keeps the carrier secure on my back, and she was safe and happy. She likes it so much that the minute she sees me pulling it out of the closet she is ready to jump in it.

Dustin Walker
Works well

Everything is fine but shipping was 1 day later than expected. I know because of COVID probably. But overall my puppet likes it a lot