Winkflo™ - Hanging Fly Catcher Net Trap (Chemical FREE)
Winkflo™ - Hanging Fly Catcher Net Trap (Chemical FREE)
Winkflo™ - Hanging Fly Catcher Net Trap (Chemical FREE)
Winkflo™ - Hanging Fly Catcher Net Trap (Chemical FREE)
Winkflo™ - Hanging Fly Catcher Net Trap (Chemical FREE)

Winkflo™ - Hanging Fly Catcher Net Trap (Chemical FREE)

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 Say Goodbye To Flies

Have you spotted flies swarming around your kitchen or garbage can?

It's a familiar problem for most homeowners.

With our ranch fly trap you can reduce the number of flies around you and your family without sprays and lotions.

Enjoy the great outdoors without the annoyance of flies and other flying insects with Winkflo™

Winkflo™is made of high quality, thick iron wire gauze, matched with the environmentally friendly plastic bowl.

Safe outdoor fly traps and is non-toxic with no insecticides, non-chemical and harmless, environmentally and pet friendly.



Winkflo™ is a great way to reduce the number of flies in your outdoor area without the need for harmful chemicals or sprays. 


 Relatively inexpensive and can be used over and over again. Cost-effective.


 Easy to set up, use, and maintain.


Since fly traps are designed to capture and contain the flies, they help to reduce the spread of germs and bacteria from the flies.


Winkflo™ can be hung outdoors or indoors, depending on your needs. 

We recommend to use bait that flies like, such as fish intestines, rotten fruit and other smelly foods. Note: You need to provide the bait by yourself, this product does not come with any bait.


  • Color: Green
  •  (No bait included)
  • Applicable ocassions: outdoor
  • Use guide: hang 1 meter from the ground
  • Recommended bait: smelly food, rotten fruit, honey, etc

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Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Patricia G Gibbs
It works.

It works. Suggestion - use leftover kefir grains for bait. The flies love it. Just ordered more.

Works great. You just need to use the right bait

 Its a fly orgy The trap works great -you just need to use the right bait to attract the flies and when you’re done throw it away because , yeah -gross

Jammie cooper
These do work

These do work. I’ve seen lots of reviews stating other wise and I just think to myself, “you have to be smarter then the fly” which I can see many people not being. I do take the bowls off and replace with those cheap hanging pop traps from Lowe’s. The flys come to the stink and if they don’t go into the stink trap they go right into these green nets. And trust me more fly’s end up in this trap than in pop traps I pair it with. I’ve caught enough flys with this method to fill a 5 gallon bucket in two months. And the good part is even if the lower trap is full they will continue to go right up into this product.The concept of this trap is smart but you must use the right bait for it to work. And you must be smarter than the fly.

Bait + Location = Thousands of trapped flies per day!

I live on a farm with 4 horses, a donkey named Walter, 3 fainting goats, 2 roosters, and a dozen chickens. Flies have tormented us for years, they can really ruin a perfect summer day and we live in Minnesota so there aren’t many. We have tried many products on the market with little success. I bought the six pack of Ranch Fly Traps with the bait bowl. I also bought 6 - 4ft Shepards hooks to hang them from so I can move them around easily and find the optimal location. Next I searched every corner of the internet to find the most effective bait recipe. The following recipe has literally netted me several thousand flies a day!Take a 1 gal milk jug, don’t rinse, the stinkier the better. In a bowl mix 2 eggs (with shells), 1 can of tuna, 1 tbsp of active yeast, 2 tbsp of sugar, 2 tbsp of flour, 1 can of beer (I used Hamm’s). Mix up enough to funnel into jug, fill jug half full of water and put it outside in a sunny area for a week. After a week I put two horse apples in each bait bowl and filled each bowl half full with the bait liquid (shake before you pour). When the bowls dry up, add more bait liquid. I am 2 weeks in and need to make more bait, will probably double it this time. I will switch out the horse dung for fresh soon too.We are able to hangout now without constantly swatting flies!!! Traps are 10ft or so from our hangout spots and I can’t smell the bait!My only complaint is how difficult it is to empty the dead flies, takes forever to shake them out.PRO TIP: Remove bait bowl, take a shopvac (no filter) and put hose (no attachment) up the cone, unhook cone and lower until dead flies are removed within seconds! And because the bait is chemical free, the chickens love them for a snack! And Walter appreciates less ankle biting flies!Good luck, flies suck!

Jennifer W.

Use the stinkiest smelly poo crap you can find. My picture is about 12-18” off ground and only 24 hours. Keep it wet and add a little more stinky every other day.

Works Like a Charm

The idea of reusing it sounds sketchy, but the first shot works great. I used an old banana, some sweet tea, and a bit of dog poop. A swarm of flies were trapped in a few hours and kept coming. Well worth it.

Pat Mecha
honest easy ptoduct

no chemicals, no awful smell ,just hang it out of the way of you head so you don't pump it.this product works like it says. I put a chunk of watermelon into the bowl. or a chunk of overripe tomato.and its works great . helpful in the barn or around chicken coop. around a doorway spot or patio.