Fluttr™ - Smart Transparent Bird Feeder (Wifi Camera)
Fluttr™ - Smart Transparent Bird Feeder (Wifi Camera)
Fluttr™ - Smart Transparent Bird Feeder (Wifi Camera)
Fluttr™ - Smart Transparent Bird Feeder (Wifi Camera)
Fluttr™ - Smart Transparent Bird Feeder (Wifi Camera)
Fluttr™ - Smart Transparent Bird Feeder (Wifi Camera)
Fluttr™ - Smart Transparent Bird Feeder (Wifi Camera)
Fluttr™ - Smart Transparent Bird Feeder (Wifi Camera)
Fluttr™ - Smart Transparent Bird Feeder (Wifi Camera)

Fluttr™ - Smart Transparent Bird Feeder (Wifi Camera)

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Stay Connected with Nature

Bird feeders are an amazing way to get in touch with nature.

By simply putting up a feeder by your home, you can help with local sustainability efforts, improve bird health and populations and boost your mental health.

Moments spent observing wildlife are not only precious… you also gain a few pretty perks!

Welcome to the world of bird watching with our Fluttr™r!

bird feeders

Fluttr™ is designed to provide an easy and convenient way to watch and feed your favorite birds, all from the comfort of your home.

The feeder also features adjustable legs and a mounting bracket so you can easily attach it to a window, balcony, or other suitable location.


1080HD Night Version Camera

Fluttr™ camera has a 170-degree ultra-wide angle and night vision function, allowing you to clearly monitor birds arriving during the day and night. With the built-in microphone, you'll hear birds sing. The bird camera feeder has a built-in 600mAh rechargeable battery and charging cable.

Multifunctional Use

The built-in battery of the camera adopts large-capacity battery and has a long battery life. It can be connected to laptops, power , plug-in boards, and wireless shooting. The built-in suction cup can be attached to the wall, and the hanging chain can be hung as you like. The camera supports multi-user real-time viewing, which is convenient for you to watch birds anytime, anywhere.

Disconnected Network Monitoring

When there is a network and WiFi, your mobile phone can remotely watch the real-time monitoring of the camera on the local network or when going out. In the case of no network or WiFi, the camera can still connect to the camera within 10 meters through the hotspot, the closer the better. Support multi-region, multi-user simultaneous real-time viewing, and wonderful moments with family and friends.


170° Ultra Wide-angle Lens

Thanks to the 170° wide-angle lens, the camera can capture details clearly and give you a larger view of everything that is going on.

The compact and compact design makes it easy to place anywhere in the home.

Bird Feeder with Camera

Easy to Install

Detailed installation instructions are included in the package, and the accessories are complete. The remote connection of the camera allows you to easily remotely watch the live video on the App from anywhere. Remote video captures can be saved and shared to social media. Just download your own app on your phone and follow the instructions to configure your router WiFi.

Perfect Gift

Watch colorful wild birds up close. Easy to watch to find wild birds. Works with finches, bluebirds, robins and hundreds of other birds. Just set up your camera and enjoy it! The perfect gift for bird watchers.


Bird Feeder Color: Transparent
Material: ABS
Bird Feeder Size: 125 * 75mm / 4.92 * 2.95in (Dia. * H)
Camera Size: 45 * 25mm / 1.77 * 0.98in (Dia. * H)
Package Size:
without Camera: 14 * 14 * 8.5cm / 5.51 * 5.51 * 3.35in
with Camera: 21 * 14 * 10.5cm / 8.27 * 5.51 * 4.13in
Package Weight:
without Camera: 196g / 6.89oz
with Camera: 319g / 11.25oz

Camera Parameters:
Wifi Protocol: IEEE 802.11b/g/n
APP Download: Scan the QR code in the user manual
Storage: 16GB TF Card (maximum support 64GB)
Video Format: 1MP
IR Night Vision: 10m
PTZ Control: Horizontal 355-degree, Vertical 100-degree
Motion Detection: Yes
Built-in Battery: 1 * 2V 60mAh Lithium Battery

Package List:
1 * Bird Feeder
1 * Rest
1 * Suction Cup
1 * Hanging Chain

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Daniel WDaniel W
Minimal maintenance with a solid feature set!

I work from home in the city so it can be hard to get a daily dose of nature over the work week. After watching some birdhouse timelapse videos on Youtube, I was in the market for a bird feeder smart cam. I bought this product since it seemed to have the most comprehensive feature set; one of the key selling points for me was that it was solar powered and would require minimal maintenance. Overall the device was pretty straightforward to assemble with an intuitive companion app and the camera is also very high quality. I'm planning on installing Birdfy on my balcony and it'll hopefully let me know the next time guests visit! Whenever I need to return back to the office, I also figure that it can always double as a dog cam :)

Sara Molina
Amazinnng Cam

 This was truly my first wow moment when the video cam captured the first bird and the city view. Quite breathtaking and can’t wait to see more just like those or better. Highly recommend the video camera because of its ability to capture motion just like this. 🙌🏼

Great sense of safety conveniently!

 This wifi camera is simple to setup light weight and offers HD quality.I appreciate being notified by message on my phone when movement is detected when im at home or not ! I can even speak with them without ever going to the door or being at home. It has other features such as sensing movement and triggering siren noise from the camera. Great for detouring problems BEFORE they happen !Convenience is keyNice work netvue !

steven kenwardsteven kenward
great for nature lovers

 I purchased this product for my wife, who loves her bird feeders and watching the birds from the window. This product allowed her to see them closely as they flew in to get seeds... or so I pictured. instead, it has become our squirrel feeder and has provided a better view of their activities. the camera has made it easy to identify individual squirrels easily and begin tracking their habits. it has provided a different view of what is normally a pest when it comes to bird feeding. I will update my review once I get some birds to go to it and test the AI-identifying function. I don't see it changing my review as the camera has performed above expectations.

Cayleigh TralongoCayleigh Tralongo
Great Camera for Birdwatching and Security

Would recommend this camera for anyone wanting to get a little dose of what's going on outside. Great camera with good battery life. Bought this camera to replace my camera out in my chicken coop because of its rechargeable battery and its ability to hook into a solar panel.Camera shipped quickly and showed up in a small box. It was very easy to get set up on my phone app and does well with the Wifi Signal, even far away from the house. Also allows me to see what's going on when I am away from home and that is very helpful.Has a good picture and you can change between SD and HD modes, though there isn't much of a difference with it trying to keep an eye on constantly moving birds.

Rebecca Franks
Wonderful Bird Cam!!

 This bird cam has added a great deal to my bird watching experience!Since I installed the Feeder Cam on my deck, I’ve been thrilled with the wonderful live videos of the birds who visit my back yard, as well as the ability to review video notifications to see the birds I’ve missed. The camera is motion-activated, so it captures activity at the feeder without running continuously. Because the camera has a wide-angle lens, I can observe details about birds’ behavior and feeding patterns, which is really fun! I estimate that I’ll get a few weeks out of the camera before I have to recharge it. The Feeder Cam also has two-way audio and a light, along with full color night vision; all nice features. I recommend this product to anyone who enjoys bird watching.

A. GaddyA. Gaddy
Great Photo Quality, AI Cool Feature

The birdfeeder was easy to assemble following the included directions and connecting the camera to my wifi was simple using the app. I needed to troubleshoot the wifi connection at first and the directions to do that were very clear in the application for each step to follow. Once I was all connected, I allowed the camera to reach full charge before installing the feeder in my backyard using the included velcro tree strap. The strap was easy to use and secure the birdfeeder; the feeder seems stable as well only using the strap. I'm looking forward to more birds in the future.