WagAccordion™ - Cat Scratching Board Toy (Self-Nail Trimmer)
WagAccordion™ - Cat Scratching Board Toy (Self-Nail Trimmer)
WagAccordion™ - Cat Scratching Board Toy (Self-Nail Trimmer)
WagAccordion™ - Cat Scratching Board Toy (Self-Nail Trimmer)
WagAccordion™ - Cat Scratching Board Toy (Self-Nail Trimmer)
WagAccordion™ - Cat Scratching Board Toy (Self-Nail Trimmer)
WagAccordion™ - Cat Scratching Board Toy (Self-Nail Trimmer)

WagAccordion™ - Cat Scratching Board Toy (Self-Nail Trimmer)

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Never-Ending Fun For Your Furry Friend


Does your cat scratch the furniture often?

Cats' scratching is an inborn behavior. Cats love to scratch because it just makes them feel great, when they are excited they may run suddenly from one room to another, vocalize, and stop and scratch vigorously.

Scratching is an essential part of a cat's mental and physical health. Scratching can help cats to

  1. Effectively clean the dead husks off their claws,
  2. Allows a cat to stretch and work all of the muscles and tendons from her toes to her neck,
  3. Mark territory, There are scent glands in your cat's paws that let her all covered,
  4. Relieve their energy and stress when excited or frustrated.

 We got you! WagAccordion™ is a cat toy with a unique twist! It's a flexible and extendable accordion-like structure with a jingle bell to keep your cat entertained for hours!

WagAccordion™ can accommodate your cat’s scratching instincts and satisfy their natural desire to sharpen their claws.

What’s more, it’s made of durable cardboard that will protect your furniture from damage while keeping your feline friend entertained for hours on end.

It’s purr-fect!


Satisfies Cat's Instinct: WagAccordion™is designed according to the cat's habit of chasing, hunting, and scratching. No cat can resist such temptation especially if you have an indoor-only or solo cat that won't get as much stimulation. The ingenious structural design allows this interactive cat toy to change into various forms, Satisfying the cat's curiosity to the greatest extent, both physically and psychologically.


Unlock New Play Game:  WagAccordion™ is connected by the magnets at both ends. After connecting them together and flipping them, you can get toys of various shapes. and the magnets also can link multiple components together to form a giant cat tunnel, it's perfect for families with multiple cats.


Innovation Structure Design: A colorful bell ball is included in the package and can be placed on the track. Once the track unfolds, no matter how your cat plays, the bell ball will not fall out. It can let your cat won’t have to chase them around the room or go looking for them under the couch.


Premium Material:  WagAccordion™ is made of high-quality corrugated paper material, which is durable. The structure is precisely cut by a CNC machine and has smooth edges that won't cut the cat's skin or stuck the cat's claws. It's also very easy to store, only about the size of your palm when folded.


Easy storage: Folded only the size of a palm. You can place the WagAccordion™ on the floor, hold it in your hand to play with the cat, or wrap it around the table legs. Magnets can also connect more together. It is suitable for families with multiple cats or adult cats.

How To Use

Size Guide:

Package includes:
1*cat scratching board
1* ball

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Customer Reviews

Based on 50 reviews
Love it

My cats love to hide out under the canopy. It is really bigger than the pic.

Hailey G.
Cat love this

My cat loves "hiding" in it. The two sides are open, but she doesn't seem to mind. She is in heaven.

Justine Martin
Fun For My Baby

I attached this to a play pen I put outdoors for my cat to romp in when the weather is good. She can hide under this or sit on top. She love being outdoors, doing binkies & all sorts of cute cat things. It's cute & better made than I'd expected. You just never know with this sort of stuff. So far she haven't soiled it, so I haven't washed it, but so far, it's working out great.

Gabrielle Perez
Cats are Happy

I bought 4 of these, one for each cat, so far so good! They each have a nice little corner to hide in or jump up onto, very happy with this purchase!


Mycat love this! Great hiding spot

Happy Cats. No more scratching

My cat love hiding under this! So worth the money!

Perfect for a piggy who likes to hide

Our cat, Miss Piggy loves her new hideout. The red color makes a dull cage pop!