The SAFEST Way To Fight Fleas & Ticks!

(Waggie 10 months, Chewy 3 month old new rescue)
In 2018, I decided to adopt a adorable puppy named Waggie from a local shelter. I enjoyed our time together; going on long walks, playing fetch, and spending most nights with cuddles.
One day during our routine bath I notice some fleas, I began to freak out. Being a first time parent I didn’t know the dangerous side effects of most products they sell in stores contain. I wanted the best for Waggie so I grab the most expensive and “effective” flea and tick repellent I could find.
Worst case happen, Waggie had a bad allergic reaction and had to go to the emergency room.
After that terrible experience I thought you myself, “what if I made myself a organic collar?” something that will cost effective but also reliable. I began to read about different essential oils and their natural abilities. I then hired an Holistic Team of Veterinarians to formulate the perfect combination of essential oils, and then we came out with a simple solution that ONLY requires 3 ingredients/essential oils: lavender, linaloe, and citronella. All three contain high enough source to repel and get rid of fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes. Waggie was back to his active self with no time and was happy to prove me right with the collar.
I’m so Thankful for Waggie, without him I wouldn’t be able to make this phenomenal product. Not only did he save my life by bringing smiles and laughter but he has also done the same to other pets just like him! My responsibility is to bring you the Best, Natural, and SAFEST flea collar for you and your pet. I really hope my product changes your life as it did to mine for the better.
You can learn more about Waggie here:
- Destiny Winkle